Christian Nodal surprised everyone this weekend when he shared the news of his break up with Belinda. While plenty of people have wondered what went wrong with the relationship, some fans of Belinda have sent thousands of messages to Nodal over social media, with some of them insulting him.

Nodal didn’t stay quiet, answering these accusations, among them the decision to publish the news of the break up two days before Valentine’s Day.

In his statement, Nodal made it clear that it was him who was harmed at the end of the relationship. He warned fans that if they kept harassing him, he would share information that would paint Belinda in a bad light.

“We’ve supported you and you’ve disappointed us so much,” wrote a Belinda fan account. They stated that it was thanks to his relationship with Belinda that now Nodal is so famous.

“I’m the one who is disappointed. As fans of Belinda it’s best for you to stay quiet and leave things be. The only one who’ll be affected if we continue to talk will be Beli,” wrote Nodal, a statement that left many doubts and questions regarding the end of the couple’s engagement.

Regarding making the announcement on Valentine’s Day, he said: “That the statement was released a couple of hours ago doesn’t mean we just broke up. It just means I waited for Beli to make the announcement.”

An interesting detail is how Nodal still refers to his ex, something that fans noticed, and that leaves yet another question in the story of their break up, which some speculate is related to Belinda’s economical hardships.

Belinda’s followers noted that Nodal had spent some time with the brother of one of his ex-girlfriends, which created some doubts as to whether or not she was involved in the break up. Upset, Nodal wrote, “I have a right to see people I love and that make me happy. Stop making up stories that have nothing to do with our break up. Stick to the beautiful things.”

Regarding his career, he said, “This is the problem. You guys only think in numbers and physical beauty. And when it comes to giving me a platform, I was already Mexico’s most listened artist and was charting on a global level.” Without keepng anything to himself, Nodal ended his statement by saying: “Keep talking. See how you’ll defend your artist. Stick to the pretty side of things. This is my last warning.”

Belinda’s reaction following the break up with Christian Nodal

While the world was shocked over the news of the break up, Belinda chose to stay silent and to pay attention to the pain that has been affecting her and her family for over a year, when her grandmother Juana Moreno passed away. Belinda shared how much she missed her with a video uploaded on her Instagram stories, where she held a photo of her grandmother set to the song Si Tú No Vuelves, by Miguel Bosé.

Days before Nodal’s announcement, Belinda shared a photo alongside Juana. She wrote: “I love you, grandma, from here to heaven. In these tough days I miss your presence every day.”

After everyone learned of her split from Nodal, Belinda reposted one of her mother’s statements. “In this time of pain that we’re going through due to the death of one of our most beloved family memebers, we’d lovingly appreciate some respect and space from all statements and opinions. We’re grateful for your understanding.” Belinda wrote, “Yes mom, you’re right.”